Our career is a path that we choose


Do YOU know what you are going to do with your life? Don’t worry; all you need is to find your calling. Look at our judge Tomáš Bell.

exisport Tomáš graduated at Faculty of Medicine at University in Kosice. A physician you might think. But since 1995 he is active in various business activities. In 2003 together with his companion they decided to start EXIsport with retail sales of sportswear and sport equipment as their main activity. This company is currently the leader on the Slovak market.

 In 2010 he participated in 2 month education at Harvard Business School and joined several education trainings in London Business School and other education institutions worldwide.

In February 2011 he won the prestigious competition “Entrepreneur of 2010 in Slovak Republic”. World finals took place in Monte Carlo in June 2011 where Tomáš represented Slovakia.

During his career he gained great experiences in business areas such as health care, waste management, retail, e-commerce and travel industry. His main knowledge and focus is on business strategy, performance management, project management, BI and analyzes and corporate restructuring.

Tomáš Bel is active in supporting and mentoring startups. He also has investments in some promising startups. He strongly believes that the future is connected with innovations, finding of values ​​for customer, with the support for transparency and data availability.

So if you feel like you lost your course, take a lesson from this guy – keep looking and do what you find interesting. And if you want to look around, join us for the weekend :)