How to address the right people…


Addressing the right people can be as difficult as winning gold at Olympic Games. You need to focus, set your goals, do your best and hope that there will be nobody who is better than you :)

aupark_hriesne-dobre-nakupy_2012_2If you are preparing an event where people will be asked to forget their comforts and work all weekend long – where would you advertise?

For a newcomer we recommend to click on Zaraguza Periodic Table of Digital Marketing Elements. It’s really funny how they put it together and it can show you what options you have.

Anyways, don’t forget that people do go outside every now and than; they don’t only sit in front of their computers. So we decided to attack their thoughts during a time, when they are most relaxed, during a popular pastime activity – the shopping.

optimawall.pngToday shopping malls are built like small cities: broad corridors, high ceiling, lot of light, green plants, shiny windows. Shopping malls are even better than city centres – they are cleaner and have a lot of benches to sit on. People come here to eat, to do the shopping, to meet, or simply to spend their time.

And this is where we come in – we show them our event. Everybody will see it and those, who feel like changing, like spending their time working on something great, will simply come to us.

And we want to thank Atrium Optima Shopping Centre and Aupark Shopping Centre for supporting our event. Just like Marcel Zeleňák, director of Aupark Shopping Centre Košice said: “Startups are a synonym for modernity; they symbolize creativity and innovation so much needed in this dynamic era. Aupark Kosice is a brand that has long supported progressive ideas and projects and therefore we would like to become part of Startup Weekend.”

Marketing Coordinator of Atrium Optima Zuzana Desiatniková also states: “Startup Weekend gives you the opportunity to present your projects. At the same time they are confronted with the view of experienced and professional mentors who can give an impartial and professional feedback. Optima will gladly support such a project.”

So if you feel like joining us, click on registration and see you on Startup Weekend Košice (or in the shopping mall :) ).