Encounter with the right people


Did you read the book by John Maxwell „15 Invaluable Laws of Growth“? If not, do it as your homework.

2657930740In the book there is this Law of the Environment Growth. It says that if you want to grow and get better, your chances rise when you change your surroundings for more conducive ones. You don´t have to move to another town or country. Start meeting other people, join clubs and groups. Our suggestion: Young Entrepreneurs Association of Slovakia, aka Združenie mladých podnikateľov Slovenska.

The Association was created in 2010 and joins entrepreneurs younger than 40 years to become their voice and defend their interests. Their activities include promotion of entrepreneurship, help with implementation and financing of innovative business ideas, networking, mentoring and help to enter foreign markets. YEAS also grants the award Entrepreneurial Idea of the Year as a recognition for the best of hundreds of innovative ideas.

They naturally support activities and events helping to raise the entrepreneurial spirit of young Slovaks and Startup Weekend Košice is such an initiative. YEAS was part of the first SW in Košice as well and we are glad to welcome them for the second time.

Don´t wait too much and start looking for like-minded people to hang out with and become an entrepreneur. So meet you on Friday :)