Learn to say “Yeas, I can!”


Remember the last time you said: I don’t know… It can’t be done…?”

seo1Oh, such terrible words I can’t continue with other examples. YOU have to FORGET about them. Erase them from your vocabulary!

 How do you want to be successful and great if you intentionally avoid opportunities to better yourself? Yes, sure, no one is perfect. But what about this – instead of saying “It can’t be done” say “I don’t know how to do it YET” and then move on and find a way…

 Take an example from our mentor Peter Šoltés. He owns and leads the company Promiseo (formerly known as “Soltes EU”). Just go to their website and check out their home page.

 YES, WE CAN! is their philosophy! It’s something they adopted and embedded deep inside their minds and hearts.

 If you want to meet Peter and other great mentors join our Košice Startup Weekend. We all are looking forward to seeing you.