Mid-weekend breakdown


Wow, what a weekend!

1912210_10152043828256482_983015183_nWe have more than 40 people, some of them arriving on Friday at 5pm even though the registration started at 5.30 (one actually came at 6 am but that is another story :).

At the beginning we had some very nice speeches from the Rector of Technical University of Kosice, the Mayor of Kosice and the Director of KPMG Slovakia.

Matej Ftacnik did a very nice work at motivating our attendees who presented 21 pitches. 8 were chosen by popular vote, although some guys teemed up and are simultaneously working on two more projects.

So the projects of our Startup Weekend Kosice are:

Wedding day: “Universal wedding portal where you can find everything you need for a wedding in one place. Portal saves users’ time and money. Prepare your wedding day without stress.”

askloc.al: “Question – answer site to find the best place for you activities in unknown places. Answers are user-voted and the best answer appears on top.”

Trendwatch!: “Module for business inteligence which is analyzing trends.”

MinaBellus: “Elegant, precise and user friendly system to night bars for stocktaking.”

BrainStreaming “is trying to interact between professionals in the field with the amateurs. BrainStreaming will be a web based multipoint video-conference and screen share systems with ability to create virtual rooms for real time discussions.”

Galileo: “Hardware development of first fully configurable high quality modular audio-video split router. One device, many solutions.”

Chargebrella: “Umbrella that can change sun energy to electricity. It can charge whatever battery.It’s normal umbrella, or sunshade, which after flip it can charge what you like.”

Right People: “We are trying to create close relationship of businesses and people actively participating on volunteer projects. Our project is supposed to help people spending time on working on their own activities, while their life-expenses are being sponsored by donors for certain period.”

Twiga Tickets: “We are bunch of developers, copyrighter and graphic designer. We want to create startup which have sense :)

Firefly: “An intuitive web service for managing the actions of your iBeacons.”

If you want to know more, come back later and check our photos.